Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Words from Mommy:

Thursday, Oct 9th
Back to physical therapy! I would have never dreamed that I would be back to PT one week after coming home. The gasps from the staff when I walked in was as surreal as when I went to Jenny's job. I got hug, hugs and more hugs. Dr. B couldn't believe it either but I owe the way that I feel to him and his acupuncture treatment. He has made me a believer!
As you saw from the. photo the stitches are out. The area is healing well. I saw Chris, the crn (I'll get initials and u can put link explaining what they do) I had a lot questions about the surgery that she couldn't answer like what is the consistency of the tumor? What did he use to take it out? Why was the surgery considerably shorter than the projected 6 hours? I see Dr. K in 3 weeks I will get the answers by that time I will probably have a few more questions n
by then. Ironically we saw Dr. K as I was leaving the hospital. He asked me if I was happy. Am I happy how about I run and jump into your arms will that prove how happy I am?!
I am cooking, cleaning, walking, doing just about everything that I did before.
The weekend was amazing! Great yard sales, nice people, excellent weather.
Sunday got our coffee and headed to the golf driving range in Fairmount park. So much fun! Jenn, Deja, Troy, and Deja's friend. After lunch we went to the gun range. I was a little apprehensive because of the noise but with a scarf on and ear plugs it was fine. Fired about 75 rounds in a good "group".
I was requested to make potato salad (family claims I make the best) even I have to say it was good. That talent hasn't changed. I'm looking to see if I've changed any since the surgery. So far so good.
Quote of the Day:
"Doctor gave me two months to live, have to mow the lawn"
From a neighbor with terminal cancer
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