Sunday, October 12, 2008

Exciting day

We went to the driving range today. Mommy, Troy, Daisy, Alanna (Deja's friend) and I. It was so much fun to actually golf. I do it so much on the Wii that it was just sooo exciting to do it in real life, and dramatically different!!!

Then we went to the gun range to let off steam from not doing so good golfing (ok, that's why I was shooting). We are all pretty awesome shooting.

I was a little worried about Mommy wearing the eye gear and ear muffs so soon after her surgery, but she did great!! Her face is still puffy, but not nearly as bad. I think it's because she sleeps on that side of her head and the fluid settles there. The nurse said that it should go away next week. I hope so, she seems to be more self-conscious about it now. It doesn't look bad, just different. Her incision location looks great. Her hair is still growing (duh) and it looks like it's healing perfectly.

Unfortunately, we didn't see Dr. Kotapka on Friday (we actually ran into him when we were leaving and he seemed to recognize her). The nurse mentioned that she may have to have radiation just to make sure it's all gone and they STILL didn't say if it was benign or malignant which I just think is bad business. That just sucks. I mean, they keep saying that it seemed like it was a meningioma, but darn, just confirm that it was benign please. Make us feel better, or if it is malignant, let us know so we can deal with it. But this waiting is awful.

I do feel better that they are so nonchalant about it, if they urgently called us in to talk I'd be freaking out.

So anyway, we had a long adventurous weekend. She took Tylenol after our outing today because I think it may have been a little too much, but she'd never actually say that.


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