Monday, October 20, 2008

Mommy's words 10/17. I was late posting

Today is my baby's 31st birthday! And guess where I went? On the Regional Rail to Center City to get her favorite cake from the Swiss Bakery. Of course mother hen doesn't know but I told Troy. Om sitting on the bench talking to her. and what do you think happens?! The loudspeaker goes on! I started coughing, started throwing the phone up and down like a hot potato, and disconnected the call. I immediately walked far away because I knew she was going to call back, in the mean time the PA is still jabberin what the heck are they saying the Gettysburg address or somethin!?
"Where are you?!" A voice screams in my ear. Om getting coffee. "No you're not, you're on a bus" great! She thinks I'm on a bus and she thinks I'm heading in the opposite direction even better!
Okay, nice such a nice plan or so I thought. How about the walk from 19th to 9th? I forgot that part of my master plan. So I took my time strolling on Chestnut st. and you'll never guess where I decided to stop? A barber shop. Yes I cut my hair OFF not bald but very close. I had the sweetest female barber so nice. What I particularly like about her was she would cut and then ask if I wanted it shorter. She even recommended hair products. I felt self conscious at first but she was so nice it took my mind off of the haircut Ciara gave me her phone number so I ca let her know how Jenny liked it.. I left there and went to the beauty supply store and asked for the man with the "red hair". We immediately connected he was so nice too. He said the surgeon did an awesome job with my hairline. Oh clarification: no, I put my scarf back on TOO cold out. Got a little tired I didn't get a chance to eat before I left should have taken an apple with me.
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