Monday, November 3, 2008

Mommy's words

Today is my one month after surgery checkup by Dr. K the surgeon. Jenny has reminded me that the doctor did not officially say that the tumor was benign. But thought is that I'm sure I would have been informed if it wasn't.
As the day wore on I began to get anxious. Maybe he's waiting to tell me today or he's going to tell me I need radiation because he couldn't get it all out. I shared my anxious thoughts with Jenn so now the two of us are all but freaking out.
In walks dr. K he has a stoic presence
About him like Dr. Summers like you can tell they're doctors.
He confirmed what he initially told us that the tumor was benign. He wants me to get an MRI every year around the anniversary date of the surgery and to go on with my life.
I had several questions regarding the surgery like the consistency, was it taken out in one piece, and was he concerned that my eyes weren't focusing while I was in recovery.
The analogy was to an orange and how you would peel the orange from the skin in sections. It wasn't a solid hard matter. And no concern about my eyes it was the medication that prevents seizures which I will gradually stop taking in two weeks.
As we walked out the office the receptionists complimented my hair or lack of again and wished me well. It was a surreal feeling I wanted to burst out crying. Was it because when I first went to Dr. K's office that I didn't know my fate? And now I've been given a clean bill of health?
My feeling of crying were quickly diminished because Jenny picked me and swung me around! I love her soooo much.
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