Friday, October 17, 2008

She got her hair done

And it looks beautiful! I love it and so does Troy. Deja wasn't as accepting-she hates when people cut their hair.

I think it looks great and you can barely see the scar.

She's still puffy, her sense of smell isn't as acute and the whole area of the head/brain that was worked on is still numb. It hurts her incision site if she yawns or when she eats and she has more pain towards the end of the day than in the beginning. She still gets tired from over-exerting herself. She still is in isolation but not as bad as before. Isolation is a strong word but she isn't quick to have company or talk on the phone.

All in all I am very pleased in her recovery. I am still pissed that they haven't given her an official "benign" status yet. She has to wait until October 30 when she sees Dr. Kotapka again.
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