Thursday, October 2, 2008

Part of her side of the story

Hello everybody I'm hooome!

Thank you so much for your support especially to my baby Jenny who is ALWAYS there and for the friends that supported her particularly Troy, Deja, and the Summers' family (staff included).

Now the saga of "happy little accidents" continues from my prospective:
I was not especially nervous or anxious on the morning of the surgery. My heart kind of jumped when I heard my name called because I knew my baby could not be with me at that point. We kissed and I was wheeled away into a holding room for surgeries. That's when I cried, but my guardian angel came over wiped the tears from my face and said "it's ok to cry, but don't worry because you are going to be fine". And I was from that point on. The anesthesiologist introduces himself and an anesthesiologist student introduces himself and asked if I would mind him in the O.R. I said "of course not" and then something funny because they all laughed. Imagine that, me making a funny seconds before lala land! Okay, now I'm being introduced to Fred the maintenance man. He pumps the electricity if the electricity goes out. Now I get it. This is a test to keep my mind off of the surgery. And to see how lucid I am afterwards. Ok, I have all the names memorized, put me out, put me out before I forget!

My intention was to see Jenn's face when I woke up and to say this little inside thing that would make us both laugh. She said my eyes were going from side to side rapidly and I kept muttering our inside joke. I think it was because I'm waiting for the Post Op pop quiz. Whew! Thank goodness, no quiz.

I'm whisked away to ICU a nice room right in front of the nurses station (how comforting).

Editor's note:
It was not as swift as she thinks. She was in recovery for 2 hours and had a CT Scan. It just felt like everything was that quick.

I felt so good that I laid back, crossed my legs over one another, and stretched my arms over my head. Just as I was about to breathe a sigh of relief... Someone lightly taps at the door guess who it is!? Right, Mr. Anesthesiologist. "How are you Ms Stratton?" "Fine", I said brightly.
Uh oh, here's come the quiz I shouldn't have sounded so strong when I said "fine". Then in a weaker voice, " I'm okay", then a near whisper "thank you for stop.." I closed my eyes and voila! I heard the door close lightly and as I peeked with one eye he was gone!

Editor's note:
More than likely she actually fell asleep and "peeked with one eye" an hour later.

The following morning the nurse said she ordered breakfast for me. Yes! So I get oatmeal, jello, juice." "Hey, mister", I yell, "this is the tumor removal ICU, not the teeth removal ICU there's nothing wrong with my mouth it was my head that had the surgery". Musta worked because ten minutes later I was eating bacon and eggs!

Stay tuned for more of her adventures.....
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