Monday, September 15, 2008

Well it just goes to show you, it's always something

Roseanne Roseannadanna said it right. It's always something.

Thursday, after a particularly grueling day at work for both Troy and I, before we go to Deja's back to school night, I find out Troy's mom needs a mastectomy.

She'd just had a lumpectomy for breast cancer a few weeks ago. They were supposed to do the mastectomy then, but the "good cells were fighting the bad cells" so they just did the lumpectomy and removed the 3 lymph nodes that were cancerous. She was only supposed to have radiation too.

Now this. I know that it's pretty routine, but to have surgery already and they change the gameplan, just to re-run that first play...It's tough.

She found her lump by accident. Changing out of her clothes her hand brushed against it. And she found a lump, in her breast. As someone who isn't family, I couldn't really ask the questions that were bothering me. Did she get mammograms? Breast exams at home? Did she regularly see the doctor? Gynecologist?

Breast cancer awareness is probably the most familiar out of all the cancers, all the illnesses, and diseases. So was she proactive with her screenings? I wish I could ask her, but she's going through enough as it is. Troy won't ask. It's his Mom.. feels weird asking about her boobs.

She's either having her surgery the same day as my Mom or that Friday.

And we're all still smiling.

On the outside.

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