Monday, September 29, 2008


As I was resting before I took the nap, I saw my Daddy. I had just said in my mind that he can't have her. Then, quite vividly, I saw his face. Daddy died 17 years ago (wow, didn't realize it was so long ago) when I was 13. So my memory of his face is only from pictures. But there he was. I could see his cheeks. Golf ball cheeks. Round and friendly. I could see the gap in his teeth. His Kangol "golf" cap. His eyes. Right in front of me. He hugged me and walked me to where Mommy was. I came to his jaw line in height and his hand was bigger than mine, but not as much as when I was 13. So it was current time. He held her left hand and I held her right as she was drifting off. He communicated that he would be there with her.

I then saw Nanny. My great grandmother who died in the 80's. I could see her height and her smile and her nose. She kinda reminded me of Sophia Petrillo from Golden Girls but not as crash. Just in stature and age. I didn't see her as long as I saw Daddy.

I know it seems soooo strange. But it was real. Maybe it was a dream, but whatever. I saw them. And that makes me feel good to know they are in there with her.

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