Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The area of the brain that my Mommy had her tumor was very close to the pituitary gland.

Evidently one function of that gland regulates thirst. Last night she had probably at least 12 huge cups of water (in a short span too). She had a catheter and I could see where her pee was being contained. She was peeing a LOT every few minutes. I just found out that she wasn't really wasn't thirsty it was just that the gland was affected.

She keeps having "heroin nods" from the morphine. She'll be in the middle of a sentence and fall asleep for 5 minutes and then wake up to finish her sentence.

She also has a lot of gas.

I know that some/most of this stuff is gross and too much info, but I want people to be informed. This blog isn't just for our family and friends, it's also if you google meningioma tumor you can find more than just clinical information, you can find out about a real life person.

58 year old Brenda Stratton from Philadelphia that HAD a meningioma tumor.

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