Monday, September 22, 2008

the veil is lifted

I've decided to change a few of the posts in order for us to have full disclosier. I want people to understand that we are real people going through something real. I want you to know us, to see us.

Brenda Stratton is my mother. She is the one that will be going through the surgery next week. She's in Pre-Admission testing at this very moment. Without me. I wanted to be there desperately, as I have been there through this whole process (with the exception of the vision field exam).

sidebar: A patient of mine JUST came in and told me he has prostate cancer... enough with the cancer already!

Anyway, I try to be with her through everything so that she knows she the support and love that she needs to get through this. I feel it makes for a better recovery if she knows she has something to fight for! Not that there's going to be a need to fight... this is going to be easy peasy, dammit.

So if any of you want to come and visit her next week, please just let me know. I will probably post her room number here, but if I don't feel comfortable I won't.

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