Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Accident

As I said before, there are no accidents. To prove this I have a story for you.

This July my mom and Troy picked me up from work because Mommy had to pick up chairs from someone in Devon. Craigslist strikes again! Clear sailing, not too far from my job, no traffic. Then the rainstorm. The rain was hitting the windshield so hard we couldn't see anything. We were in an unfamiliar area, it was rush hour, and we were in a rented car because the chairs wouldn't fit in Troy's car.

Daisy was home, she didn't want to go with us.

We kept driving because it was still fairly light despite the rain, and we picked up the chairs. Minutes after we drove away from his house, the rain stopped. Just as quickly as it started. We stopped to get lotteries, driving without rushing, no hurry. We'd called Daisy and she was fine, just watching tv.

We stopped at my mom's to drop of the chairs and Daisy decided she wanted to go with us to return the car. My mom went in the house to pee... she asked me if I had to and I said no. When she came out, I figured I should just go in because eventhough the car place was less than a mile from the house, there's no such thing as a short trip with us. So I went to inside. It was 7pm... I remember because the lottery came on... funny how you remember the little things. Anyway, we pile into the car, belt up, start driving.

2 blocks later, she hits us.

She ran the light. Slammed into Daisy's door, spun us into a pole. Someone screams. Me? Mommy? We'll never know. Daisy just keeps saying she loves us... are we dead? Dying? Why is she saying it over and over. I feel alive. Everyone is conscious.

We stumble out of the car and look at the damage, it's sickening. She comes to us to ask if we're ok. Uh, no, you just crashed into us. Troy freaks out, more angry than I ever thought possible. Mommy faints, holding her chest. Daisy is guarded by neighbors that ran out to help. Me, I don't remember. I know I held Mommy, kissed Daisy and tried to calm Troy.

Ambulance, hospital, pain, medicine, tears, scared, shaking, home, sleep?

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