Friday, September 26, 2008

3 more days

We have started meditating. To clear our minds, to relax, to bring good energy, to be more peaceful. It's working!

Let me start by saying, we have a few close friends that we know will be there for us through anything, and when we need them the most, we now know who those people are. Then there are those that claim to be your bff, cousin, sister, whatever, that when you ask them for simple favors (and I mean minute on the scale of favors) they disappear. So we were all holding some negative energy from that. It's not healthy. I guess we try to be there for people whether they have a paper cut or major surgery and to not get that back hurts.

But sometimes it's the person you went to high school with that you spoke to but were never in their "clique" that offers kind words and personal experiences. Sometimes it's the person you see everyday and have small chit chat with that offers assistance. You never know who will be there for you and who won't. But at the end of the day.. you know that you have your family.

All of that aside, meditation helps a lot. We've only done it twice (we'll I've done it twice, Troy and Daisy once and I'm not sure how many times Mommy has done it). Yesterday I was feeling really down, very weepy, and last night we meditated. I filled my mind with positive thoughts and energy and let out as much bad as I could. Afterwards, I felt a serious release. I actually felt a little, dare I say it, happy! I am going to make sure that we do it again tonight because it really feels like it is working and if Mommy feels as good as I did after, then she needs to do it.

So if you need to release some stress, negative thoughts or anger.... do this:

Find a quiet place
Think about what you want to get rid of, visualize it
Breathe a deep breath and inhale pure white (it's hard to do the first few times). This is positive energy that you are allowing to enter your body.
Feel it going throughout your entire body from your head to your toes
Expel air slowly
Picture it as black and dark and dirty as you possibly can. This is the negative energy that you are letting go.

Repeat those steps a few times. You can even substitute another color after you do the white the first time.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor am I a spiritual counselor. You can find several different ways to meditate online, this is just the way that I have found works for me. If you pray, you can pray in addition to this as meditating is not a religious act (per se). Nor will you offend your God by breathing in different colors (I don't think).

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